Curriculum Technologies, inc

We are a small group of preschool educators, developmental psychologists, and cognitive neuroscientists who have worked together since 2001. Our goal has been to develop age-appropriate materials for teaching young children preliteracy and pre-math skills needed for kindergarten in a way that spans the classroom and home. Toward that end, we have developed an approach that combines proven, old-school teaching techniques with new technology and cognitive neuroscience.


These are a set of 16 entertaining preliteracy and pre-math games specifically designed to appeal to the way young children learn, emphasizing age appropriate attention and memory demands. Each game is constructed in a scaffolded manner with increasing levels of mastery for a specific skill. Beginning games emphasize basic skills such as color and letter recognition, while more advanced games teach phonemic awareness, rhyming, and sight words. The games are slow paced and take 5 minutes or less to play a level; they can be played at home or in the classroom. Since 2005, the games have been scientifically tested with more than 2000 children in kindergarten and Head Start preschool classrooms.

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Mobile Apps

The Kindergames are currently being programmed as mobile apps. Our first mobile game, Frog ABC, is in pre-release for Apple devices and in development for the Android platform. This game teaches upper and lowercase letters and has 25 levels. Like the Kindergames, each of the mobile games is designed to be played as a standalone application and includes a progress tracking option. This allows a parent or teacher to see the specific material that a child has learned. The mobile games and the progress tracking option are designed to help teachers to use the games in developing individualized lesson plans.

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Kindergarten Readiness Curriculum (KRC)

The KRC is an activity based approach to teaching pre-literacy and pre-math skills that incorporates the major educational domains essential to physical, cognitive, and social development. Developed in consultation with Head Start teachers, it has been tested in the Head Start classroom with more than 5000 children and is aligned with the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP), required by Head Starts in California. Contact us for more information.

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